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Frequently Asked Questions

Providing quality cleaning is very important to us, so we work to balance speedy turnaround times with high quality service. Items will be available for pickup in 48 hours, but faster when possible. We will contact you as soon as it's ready! Express service (24 hours) is also available for certain items. If you would like an express service, please say that clearly in the “Notes” section when you place your order. A 50% markup on the original price will be added for express service.

Absolutely! Remember, only you and a Magic lockers employee have the code to your locker and clothes.

First, register for an account on our website. Then place your laundry in one of our lockers, lock the locker, and take note of the locker number. Finally, you can place your order three different ways:

1. MOBILE APP: Open the app and place your order by giving us the locker number.

2. ONLINE: Log in to your account on www.magiclockers.com and place your order by giving us the locker number.

3. TEXT your locker number to (514)585-Lock (5625) (e.g. simply text us your locker number “1234” and we’ll take it from there)

The first time you do laundry with us, your clothes will be returned in your personal Magic Lockers garment bag. This bag is yours to use and keep. Each time we receive laundry in your bag, we will know it’s from you. Please don’t give your garment bag to someone else or we may mistakenly charge your account. If we notice that your bag is getting worn, we will replace it automatically for you.

Absolutely not! There are no fees to use the lockers or to access Magic Lockers locations. There are also no monthly commitments (unless you’d like to sign up for a laundry plan), and you can stop your use of Magic Lockers at any time without doing anything special.

No, customers are not assigned their own lockers. Simply place your items into any unlocked locker, lock the locker, and place an order.

Orders are automatically charged based on the billing information that you provided when you signed up for a Magic Lockers account. Unfortunately, we do not accept cash or check for payment.

It’s all about placing your order. If you have a permanent Magic Lockers bag, we can scan that tag and it will identify you. If you don’t have a permanent tag, placing an order lets us connect your name to the bag and locker containing your items. After processing your first order, we will then return your clothes with a (fancy) Magic Lockers garment bag and a permanent tag.

Yes. When you place an order, let us know which items need to be altered or repaired in the “Notes” section of “Place a New Order.”

Once your order is ready, we will send you a notification with a new locker number and four-digit pin to retrieve your items.

Say goodbye to surprises on the receipt. Pricing is transparent and upfront, so you’ll always know what to expect.

Magic Lockers is all about the convenience. Our lockers are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You can place your order at any time that is convenient to you