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Why magic lockers

Our pledge

We are committed to sustainable development and protection of the environment while guaranteeing the quality level of service and convenience to our customers.

Our technology

Magic Lockers and its partners are Eco-Conscious. Through focusing on environmental sustainability; we only use bio-degradable, phosphate free and hypoallergenic detergents to minimize our environmental footprint. In addition; we refrain from using single use plastics bags and other substances that pollute the environment.

Magic Lockers only uses ECO GREEN Technology that minimizes water and energy consumption, is environment friendly, and delivers the best quality of service through an efficient and gentle process. The process is automated for the benefit of the environment and our customers’ health.

Magic lockers uses an advanced wardrobe management system that provides customers with the visibility they need via Text/Email/Push notifications and maintain drivers’ interface in Realtime with the system to ensure the highest level of service.

For the security of our customers information, Magic Lockers system never stores personal data (such as names, addresses, credit card information…etc). All data is encrypted and used to setup automatic transactions. This means, we don’t need to use your information every time we process an order, the system automatically processes your order the same way it was processed the last time. This is known as “Reference transaction”.

Our partners

Magic Lockers is not only about servicing its customers, we acknowledge our responsibility to local and global societies therefore, we donate a portion of our revenue every year to the following organizations who are on the frontlines doing what it takes to make the world a better place.