À la carte

Take laundry off your to-do list and focus on what matters most

Eco-friendly and convenient way to get your laundry and dry cleaning done with just few clicks

Drop off, Pick up, All done.

Magic à la carte is a user-friendly way to get your laundry, dry cleaning or repairs done. Save time and enjoy the day.

Drop-off your bags at any Magic Lockers locations or place an order for home pick-up.

What we offer

Dry clean

Get your clothes the care they deserve, a professional clean and press.

Wash & Fold

Your clothes freshly washed and neatly folded. We only use biodegradable, phosphate free and hypoallergenic detergents.

Free Lockers drop-off & pick up

Only $2.49/lb


We offer basic & skilled repairs such as hems or replacing zippers and clasps. ​

A la carte services require orders of $ 20 minimum

How does it work?

Drop off

Place your laundry in any available locker, take note of the locker number, close the door and lock it by entering any 4-digit pin.

Place order

Sign in to your account and choose the locker number. A Magic Lockers driver will now be on it's way to pick up your order.

All done, pick up time!

You will receive a locker number as well as a 4-digit PIN to unlock and pick up your items at the same location.

A home pick up and delivery option is also available for À la carte.
Simply choose “Home delivery” from the app.


As a guide, 10 pounds of laundry will contain: 7 underwears, 7 pairs of socks, 5 t-shirt, 2 long-sleeve shirt, 1 sweatshirt, 2 pairs of jeans or 4 pair of shorts, 1 sheet set, 1 towel. Note: based on the clothing dimensions, the weight will vary.

First, register for an account on Magic Lockers website. Then place your laundry in one of our lockers, lock the locker, and take note of the locker number. Finally, you can place your order three different ways:

  1. MOBILE APP: Open the app and place your order by giving us the locker number
  2. ONLINE: Log in to your account on www.magiclockers.com and place your order by giving us the locker number.
  3. TEXT your locker number to (514) 585-Lock (5625) (eg simply text us your locker number “1234” and we’ll take it from there)

Orders are automatically charged based on the billing information that you provided when you signed up for a Magic Lockers account. Unfortunately, we do not accept cash or check for payment.

Providing quality cleaning is very important to us, so we work to balance speedy turnaround times with high quality service. Items will be available for pickup in 48 hours, or sooner when possible. We will contact you as soon as it’s ready! Express service 24 hours is also available for certain items. If you would like an express service, please say that clearly in the “Notes” section when you place your order. A 50% markup on the original price will be added for express service.