Magic Monthly

When laundry meets convenience

A new Eco-friendly way to get your laundry done for less than $1 a day

Say good bye to laundry day and do the things you love most.

Magic Monthly is a laundry service that let you do the things you love most. We understand how hard you work, so we work hard to let you benefit the most from your free time.

3 Easy Steps

Create your Magic Lockers account & choose a monthly plan.

Gather your laundry & place your order.

Sit back and relax. Your items will be returned fresh & clean within 48 hours.

In a hurry? A 24 hours express service is also available for $5.00 extra.


The way to get your laundry done.


1 Order / Month

This plan offers 2 full Magic bags, washed and folded once per month, delivery fees included.

$39.99 / mo


2 Orders / Month

This plan offers 2 full Magic bags, washed and folded twice a month, delivery fees included.

$64.99 / mo

Additional laundry loads at $19.99/bag.
Additional home delivery at $7.50/delivery.
No additional delivery cost for lockers drop-off/pick-ups.


Gather all your laundry in a large bag, then head to your dashboard (click here). For pick up from your home, select “Home Pick up & Delivery” in the drop down menu or select the lockers number if you plan to drop-off at our lockers locations.

Once the order is confirmed, you will get a notification. For “Home Pick up & Delivery” you will get notified when the driver is on the way.

When your laundry is done, it will be returned to you in our Magic Lockers laundry bags.

Magic laundry bag is 20 gal, 18” X 10” X 14.5”, it holds about 25 lbs. Anything fit inside, we wash & fold it.

The bag belongs to you. Each Magic laundry bag is specifically assigned to members with barcode. Do not share it with other Magic Lockers members because it might be charged under your account.

All your unused balance will carry over to next month as long as your membership is active. If you are out of bag balance or your order exceeds your bag balance, an additional charge of $19.99/bag will be applied

Place you dry cleaning items in a separate bag and notify us that you have dry cleaning and wash & fold items in the same order, we will take care of the rest. Once your items arrive at our process center, an expert will inspect everything, empty pockets..etc. In the case of an item requiring dry cleaning, you will get a notification from us to confirm if we should proceed or not. Check Dry clean pricing here

Yes, of course. All unused balances will carry over to next month.

Sorry, we don’t offer a trial because Magic Lockers offer unmatched service in the market and you won’t regret after subscribing. We place customers above all else, and thus we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy. If you are unhappy with the results of any item, return it back for re-processing free of charge. 

If you are not sure about the subscription, we recommend you to try out a la carte, it’s charged by weight (Pssst, you might end up paying more without subscription).

Yes, there is no long term commitment. You can cancel your subscription at any time by contacting customer support. If you cancel your subscription, you will have 30 days to use your remaining balance.